Priority topics for LMIC reviews

Our high priority topics were compiled from the following sources:

  1. Four EPOC overviews, published in 2017, of the available evidence from up‐to‐date systematic reviews about the effects of governance, financial and delivery arrangements and implementation strategies for health systems in low‐income countries1 Based on the reviews included in these overviews, we identified topics within the EPOC taxonomy of health systems interventions where well conducted2 and up-to-date3 reviews were not available. The EPOC Norway team reviewed this list of gaps for clarity and to ensure that important topics for LMIC health systems had not been missed.
  2. Input from stakeholders, including collaborators within WHO and other agencies, funders and decision makers in LMICs.
  3. Input from EPOC editors and review authors across the world.

The priority topics for LMIC reviews that we identified are listed here

Please note that these reviews should not necessarily be restricted to studies conducted in LMICs. EPOC guidance on when it is justified to include only studies from LMICs can be found here.

We welcome suggestions on high priority topics for new EPOC health systems reviews for low- and middle-income countries. Please send your suggestions to the EPOC Norway Managing Editor, Elizabeth Paulsen:

1Links to these overviews, which are available for free viewing and download from the Cochrane Library, can be found here.
2The checklist used in the overviews for making judgements about how much confidence to place in a systematic review is available here.
3Published after April 2005.