Staff at the Australasian Satellite

Denise O'Connor, Director

Denise O’Connor is Director of the Satellite and Editor with the EPOC group. Denise is a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University. She has expertise in systematic review methodology, implementation research, clinical trials and the design of complex interventions. She has a special interest in developing and evaluating theory-informed interventions to support health professional and organisational behaviour change.
Tel. +61 3 9903 0371

Emma Tavender, Managing Editor

Emma Tavender is the Managing Editor of the Satellite and responsible for its day to day management. With a PhD in implementation research and over 15 years of working for the Cochrane Collaboration; Emma brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in undertaking systematic reviews of complex interventions and designing/evaluating implementation interventions to improve the uptake of evidence into practice, particularly in the emergency department setting.