EPOC Resources

Study designs accepted in EPOC reviews. Most systematic reviews accept only RCTs, but interventions of interest to our group cannot always assesed using RCT methodology. Consequently, we accept alternative or "non-RCT" study designs.

Defining the scope of an EPOC review  How narrow or broad should it be? Also known as the "lumping and splitting" debate.

Outcomes to report in an EPOC review.

Equity considerations  in EPOC reviews. Incorporating information on disadvantaged populations in studies.

LMIC (lower and middle income countries). When should a review include only studies from LMICs?  The Norwegian Satellite are the experts in this area and reviews specific to LMICs will be managed by them. This document will help you clarify if your topic should be submitted to the Norway or not.

EPOC Taxonomy

Data Abstraction Form Customized for EPOC reviews.

Data Collection Checklist 
*please use the Risk of Bias tool below, not the one referred to in the Data Collection Checklist document

MECIR Standards for EPOC

Risk of Bias - EPOC Specific