Cochrane EPOC publications 2017 round up

Time for a look back at all our publications in the Cochrane Library during 2017. We published 6 new reviews, 9 updated reviews and 15 protocols. We also published four overviews of systematic reviews on health systems in low-income countries. These are all listed below (or see all our reviews on the Cochrane Library here).

Thanks to all the authors, editors, managing editors and information specialists involved in all our 2017 reviews.

New reviews

Training interventions for improving telephone consultation skills in clinicians.
Vaona A, Pappas Y, Grewal RS, Ajaz M, Majeed A, Car J.

Walk-in clinics versus physician offices and emergency rooms for urgent care and chronic disease management.
Chen CE, Chen CT, Hu J, Mehrotra A.

Payment methods for outpatient care facilities.
Yuan B, He L, Meng Q, Jia L.

Collaborative writing applications in healthcare: effects on professional practice and healthcare outcomes.
Archambault PM, van dBTH, Kuziemsky C, Plaisance A, Dupuis A, McGinn CA et al.

Professional, structural and organisational interventions in primary care for reducing medication errors.
Khalil H, Bell B, Chambers H, Sheikh A, Avery AJ.

Factors that influence the provision of intrapartum and postnatal care by skilled birth attendants in low- and middle-income countries: a qualitative evidence synthesis.
Munabi-Babigumira S, Glenton C, Lewin S, Fretheim A, Nabudere H.
Featured review:
Skilled birth attendants in LMIC blogshot

Updated and Conclusions Changed reviews

Interventions to improve antibiotic prescribing practices for hospital inpatients.
Davey P, Marwick CA, Scott CL, Charani E, McNeil K, Brown E et al.
Featured review:
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Antimicrobial stewardship: we know it works; time to make sure it is in place everywhere
Diamantis Plachouras, Susan Hopkins.
Antibiotic prescribing in hospital blogshot


Shared care across the interface between primary and specialty care in management of long term conditions.
Smith SM, Cousins G, Clyne B, Allwright S, O'Dowd T.

Home or foster home care versus institutional long-term care for functionally dependent older people.
Young C, Hall AM, Gonçalves-Bradley DC, Quinn TJ, Hooft L, van Munster BC, Stott DJ.
Long term care blogshot

Interventions to improve hand hygiene compliance in patient care.
Gould DJ, Moralejo D, Drey N, Chudleigh JH, Taljaard M.
Hand hygiene blogshot

Interventions to change the behaviour of health professionals and the organisation of care to promote weight reduction in children and adults with overweight or obesity.
Flodgren G, Gonçalves-Bradley DC, Summerbell CD.

Updated reviews

Early discharge hospital at home.
Gonçalves-Bradley DC, Iliffe S, Doll HA, Broad J, Gladman J, Langhorne P et al.
Early discharge hospital at home blogshot

Interprofessional collaboration to improve professional practice and healthcare outcomes.
Reeves S, Pelone F, Harrison R, Goldman J, Zwarenstein M.

Computer-generated reminders delivered on paper to healthcare professionals: effects on professional practice and healthcare outcomes.
Arditi C, Rège-Walther M, Durieux P, Burnand B.

Comprehensive geriatric assessment for older adults admitted to hospital.
Ellis G, Gardner M, Tsiachristas A, Langhorne P, Burke O, Harwood RH, Conroy SP, Kircher T, Somme D, Saltvedt I, Wald H, O'Neill D, Robinson D, Shepperd S.
CGA blogshot

Overviews of systematic reviews

Health systems overviews blogshot

Delivery arrangements for health systems in low-income countries: an overview of systematic reviews.
Ciapponi A, Lewin S, Herrera CA, Opiyo N, Pantoja T, Paulsen E et al.

Financial arrangements for health systems in low-income countries: an overview of systematic reviews.
Wiysonge CS, Paulsen E, Lewin S, Ciapponi A, Herrera CA, Opiyo N, Pantoja T, Rada G, Oxman AD.

Governance arrangements for health systems in low-income countries: an overview of systematic reviews.

Herrera CA, Lewin S, Paulsen E, Ciapponi A, Opiyo N, Pantoja T, Rada G, Wiysonge CS, Bastías G, Garcia Marti S, Okwundu CI, Peñaloza B, Oxman AD.

Implementation strategies for health systems in low-income countries: an overview of systematic reviews.

Pantoja T, Opiyo N, Lewin S, Paulsen E, Ciapponi A, Wiysonge CS et al.

Taking health systems research syntheses to the next level: overviews of systematic reviews

M Kent Ranson, David B Evans

New protocols

Comprehensive geriatric assessment for improving outcomes in elderly patients admitted to a surgical service.
Eamer G, Taheri A, Chen SS, Daviduck Q, Chambers T, Shi X et al.

Interventions for the uptake of evidence-based recommendations in acute stroke settings.
Luker JA, Bernhardt J, Graham ID, Middleton S, Lynch EA, Thayabaranathan T et al.

Organised trauma systems and designated trauma centres for improving outcomes in injured patients.
Mwandri M, Stewart B, Hardcastle TC, Rubiano AM, Gruen RL.

Implementation interventions to promote the uptake of evidence-based practices in stroke rehabilitation.
Cahill LS, Carey LM, Lannin NA, Turville M, O'Connor D.

Improving adverse drug event reporting by health care professionals.
Shalviri G, Mohebbi N, Mirbaha F, Majdzadeh R, Yazdizadeh B, Gholami K.

Increasing the provision of physical activity advice by healthcare professionals.
Hillier LM, Pendrith C, Propp R, Keshavjee L, Anderson J, Ivers N.

Ethical case interventions for adult patients.
Schildmann J, Nadolny S, Haltaufderheide J, Gysels M, Vollmann J, Bausewein C.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment for community-dwelling, high-risk, frail, older people.
Briggs R, McDonough A, Ellis G, Bennett K, O'Neill D, Robinson D.

Follow-up services for improving long-term outcomes in intensive care unit (ICU) survivors.
Schofield-Robinson OJ, Lewis SR, Smith AF, McPeake J, Alderson P.

Care co-ordination interventions to improve outcomes during pregnancy and early childhood (up to 5 years).
Strobel NA, Arabena K, East CE, Schultz EM, Kelaher M, Edmond KM et al.

Factors that influence the provision of good-quality routine antenatal services: a qualitative evidence synthesis of the views and experiences of maternity care providers.
Downe S, Finlayson K, Tunçalp Ö, Gülmezoglu AM.

Lean management in health care: effects on patient outcomes, professional practice, and healthcare systems.
Rotter T, Plishka CT, Adegboyega L, Fiander M, Harrison EL, Flynn R, Chan JG, Kinsman L.

Integrated community case management of childhood illness in low- and middle-income countries.
Oliphant NP, Daniels K, Odendaal WA, Besada D, Manda S, Kinney M, White Johansen E, Lunze K, Johansen M, Doherty T.

Healthcare stakeholders' perceptions and experiences of factors affecting the implementation of critical care telemedicine (CCT): qualitative evidence synthesis.
Xyrichis A, Mackintosh NJ, Terblanche M, Bench S, Philippou J, Sandall J.

Physical environmental designs in residential care to improve quality of life of older people.
Harrison SL, Dyer SM, Laver KE, Milte RK, Fleming R, Crotty M.