Scope of our work

The overall goal of the Australian satellite is to support the production of systematic reviews of educational, behavioural, financial, regulatory and organisational interventions designed to improve health professional practice and the organisation of health care services relevant to Australia and our region.

In particular, the satellite aims to:

  • Identify and help produce priority EPOC reviews relevant to Australia and the surrounding region.
  • Support EPOC review activity through training and mentoring researchers and clinicians contributing to EPOC reviews in Australia.
  • Foster a culture of evidence-based health policy and knowledge translation by promoting the use of The Cochrane Library, and EPOC reviews in Australia.
  • Support the EPOC editorial base in the UK by editing, producing and updating EPOC reviews.
  • Collaborate with the Australasian Cochrane Centre and other Australian Cochrane Review Groups and Satellites to further the work of Cochrane in the region.
  • Contribute to the international effort of synthesising research to improve evidence uptake.