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Cochrane EPOC publications: 2022 round up

Welcome to our annual round-up of all our publications in the Cochrane Library over the last year. In 2022 we published 5 new reviews, 1 updated review, 6 new protocols, and 1 editorial (based on a review published in 2021). These are all listed below along with any linked resources including Cochrane clinical answers and podcasts.

Thanks to all the authors, editors, managing editors, information specialists, and everyone else involved in all our 2022 reviews.

Find all our published reviews in the Cochrane Library.

New reviews

Collective leadership to improve professional practice, healthcare outcomes and staff wellbeing

Jaqueline Alcantara Marcelino Silva, Vivian Aline Mininel, Heloise Fernandes Agreli, Marina Peduzzi, Reema Harrison, Andreas Xyrichis

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment for communitydwelling, highrisk, frail, older people

Robert Briggs, Anna McDonough, Graham Ellis, Kathleen Bennett, Desmond O'Neill, David Robinson


Cochrane Clinical Answer:


What are the benefits and harms of comprehensive geriatric assessment for communitydwelling older people at risk of poor health outcomes?

Adarsh Gupta


Interventions to increase COVID19 vaccine uptake: a scoping review

Marike Andreas, Claire Iannizzi, Emma Bohndorf, Ina Monsef, Vanessa Piechotta, Joerg J Meerpohl, Nicole Skoetz


Cochrane Clinical Answer:


What evidence is available on interventions to increase COVID19 vaccine uptake or decrease COVID19 vaccine hesitancy?

Sera Tort, Agustín Ciapponi


Pharmaceutical policies: effects of regulating drug insurance schemes

Tomas Pantoja, Blanca Peñaloza, Camilo Cid, Cristian A Herrera, Craig R Ramsay, Jemma Hudson

Physical environmental designs in residential care to improve quality of life of older people

Stephanie L Harrison, Suzanne M Dyer, Kate E Laver, Rachel K Milte, Richard Fleming, Maria Crotty.

Updated reviews


Discharge planning from hospital

Daniela C Gonçalves-Bradley, Natasha A Lannin, Lindy Clemson, Ian D Cameron, Sasha Shepperd


Cochrane Clinical Answer:


How does discharge planning affect outcomes in older adults with medical (nonsurgical) conditions?

Dane Gruenebaum


Adults' views and experiences of vaccines developed in response to the COVID19 pandemic: a qualitative evidence synthesis

Ana Rita J Maria, Sara Cooper, Claire Glenton, Simon Lewin, Pauline Meskell, Mehrunisha Suleman, Sasha Shepperd


Care planning or case management for frequent emergency department attendance in adults

Natasha Budhwani, Maria Vittoria Capanna, Alan Baban, Marco Isetta, Alex H Oldman, Natasha Daniels, Rebecca Goddard, Catherine Hayhurst, William Lee, Alex B Thomson


Delivery of intravenous anticancer therapy at home versus in hospital or community settings for adults with cancer

Liesl Grobler, Denise O'Connor, Danny Rischin, Polina Putrik, Jonathan Karnon, Kobi J Rischin, Bayden J McKenzie, Rachelle Buchbinder

Factors that impact on recruitment to vaccine trials during a pandemic or epidemic: a qualitative evidence synthesis.

Pauline Meskell, Linda M Biesty, Maura Dowling, Elaine Meehan, Claire Glenton, Declan Devane, Sasha Shepperd, Andrew Booth, Rebecca Cox, Xin Hui S Chan, Catherine Houghton

First aid training for laypeople

Irvin Kendall, Vere Borra, Jorien Laermans, Michael McCaul, Bert Aertgeerts, Emmy De Buck


Stakeholders’ perceptions and experiences of factors influencing the commissioning, delivery, and uptake of general health checks: a qualitative evidence synthesis

Isolde Sommer, Julia Harlfinger, Christina Kien, Irma Klerings, Lisa Affengruber, Andreea Dobrescu, Ursula Griebler



Appraising payforperformance in healthcare in low and middleincome countries through systematic reviews: reflections from two teams

Karin Diaconu, Sophie Witter, Peter Binyaruka, Josephine Borghi, Garrett W Brown, Neha Singh, Cristian A Herrera

Based on the 2021 review:

Paying for performance to improve the delivery of health interventions in low and middleincome countries

Karin Diaconu, Jennifer Falconer, Adrian Verbel, Atle Fretheim, Sophie Witter

Additional Cochrane Clinical Answers published in 2022 (based on reviews published before 2022)

Does contracting out governmental clinical health services to non‐governmental service providers (NGPs) improve the use of clinical health services and health outcomes in low‐ and middle‐income countries (LMICs)?
Agustín Ciapponi, Sera Tort
For hospitalized adults at risk of clinical deterioration, what are the effects of early warning systems (EWS) and rapid response systems (RRS)?
Sera Tort, Agustín Ciapponi


Additional publications and resources

In 2022, our authors and editors also:

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