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Due to changes in NIHR funding in evidence synthesis, this Cochrane Group is no longer active. We are so grateful for the work of our contributors.

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  • The Person Centred Care, Health Systems and Public Health Thematic Group is uniquely positioned to take forward evidence syntheses that addresses the complex issues that face health systems and public health around the world, by taking a person centre approach. The Thematic Group brings together expertise from Cochrane Effective Practice and...
    March 27 2023
  • January 18 2023
  • How can we tell whether our reviews make an impact?One way in which we can assess impact is by tracking whether any of our reviews directly inform the rationale for future research.An example of this comes from a review we published in 2016 ‘Admission avoidance hospital at home’, exploring whether caring for patients at home (in an ‘admission...
    May 20 2022
  • Physical environmental designs in residential care to improve quality of life of older peopleWhat is the aim of the review?There is an increasing older population worldwide and an increase in the numbers of people living with dementia. It has been suggested that improving lived area designs may improve quality of life, mood, and ability to perform...
    March 9 2022
  • February 24 2022
  • Welcome to our annual round up of all our publications in the Cochrane Library over the last year. In 2021 we published 10 new reviews, 5 updated review and 11 new protocols. These are all listed below along with any linked resources including Cochrane clinical answers, podcasts and videos of Cochrane EPOC / Cochrane Norway joint pop-up seminars...
    January 5 2022
  • In August 2021, Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs) in the UK received confirmation from the UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) informing them about the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) decision to cease all funding at the break-point in the current contract at the end of March 2023. To read about the impact on the future of...
    December 13 2021
  • A Cochrane Review of qualitative research explored factors influencing parent’s views and practices around child vaccines. The review analysed 27 qualitative studies from Africa, the Americas, South-East Asia, Europe, and the Western Pacific and included urban and rural settings, as well as high- middle- and low-income settings.Childhood...
    November 1 2021
  • A recent Cochrane Review assessed the effects of educational meetings on healthcare professional practice and patient health. The review authors collected and analysed all relevant studies to answer this question and included 215 studies in the review.Educational meetings include courses, seminars and workshops in various formats. These types of...
    October 11 2021
  • A quick round up of our reviews with evidence relevant to the report recently published by the UK Department of Health and Social Care following a national overprescribing review.Access these and all our review on the Cochrane Library.Medication review in hospitalised patients to reduce morbidity and mortality. Christensen M, Lundh A.https://www....
    September 22 2021


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