Summaries of selected reviews

Please find links below to summarised versions of selected EPOC reviews in PDF format. We hope to add more reviews to this list. We have also produced a number of summaries relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Summary titlePDF summaryLinks to the
Cochrane Library
Date uploaded
Integrated community case management of childhood illness in low- and middle-income
countries: what are the effects?
PDF summaryFull review29 March 2021
Mobile phones for health workers in primary care: implementation considerationsPDF summaryFull review
3 April 2020
Perceptions and experiences of labour companionship: views and experiencesPDF summaryFull review11 July 2019
Provision and uptake of routine antenatal services: views and experiencesPDF summaryFull review11 July 2019
Reviewing deaths to prevent mothers and children from dying in the future: what are the effects?PDF summaryFull review11 July 2019